Hebron Hawk Baseball:  EXPERIENCE 

Updated 2/3/2018  Download Rangers Form Here

  • Wednesday, your athlete was given out the form for the Rangers ticket fundraiser.  As you may already know (but if you don’t), our Hebron Baseball Club has to sell a total of 1000 tickets in order for the Varsity team to participate and play at the Globe Life Park in Arlington February 20th. What kids doesn’t want to play on that field, right?  But, not only does it allow the Varsity to play there, it also supports our booster which benefits ALL players.  Each athlete is expected to sell 25 tickets (30 per family if there are more than one athlete) or choose the “buyout” of $450 per athlete/$540 per family.  In the event we don’t sell enough tickets, the baseball booster will have to purchase the remaining tickets so our athletes can continue to participate.
  • The process is fairly easy.  Ask your neighbors, email your friends that you know and fill out the form.  Or hey….if you want to buy them all and sell them on Craigslist later, that works too.  We would like the ticket sales to be turned in by February 15th to Coach Stone.  Lastly, when this fundraiser is over and you know of someone that purchases tickets, please have them buy them in Hebron Baseball’s honor as it will benefit our booster at no additional cost to them.  Thanks and let’s make this an awesome 2018 season!!  If you have any questions, please feel free to text or call me at 214-906-4860.

Below I have an example of what I sent to our friends.  Please feel free to copy and paste if that is helpful:


Cody, will be playing Hebron baseball again this year as a junior. As most of you know there is always a fundraiser…. they sell 25 Texas Rangers tickets.  This fundraiser allows the varsity team each year to have the opportunity to play at the Globe Life Park in Arlington.  Isn’t that cool!!   If you are interested, let me know and I will send you the dates, seating and prices.  FYI-the prices are as low as $18 Upper Reserved on up.   Please reply by Feb. 5th, so I can send you the brochure on time. 


IF….for some reason you decide to purchase a ticket at another time through the Ranger Box Office, please consider telling them that you are buying them in honor of Hebron High School Baseball as our booster will benefit from that sale.  


JV Blue and Black Raffle: 

There will be 5 lucky players that will be able to have close up experience with the Varsity Team at the Globe Life game on Feb. 20:  riding the bus, warming up, and watching the game from the dugout with the varsity team…..not to mention being on the Ranger Field.   In order to be considered for the raffle you must:

  • Turn in tickets February 15th.
  • Each athlete is required to sell 25/family 30 (Buyouts do not count)
  • In addition, the athlete that sells the most tickets by February 15th, will also join the other 4.
  • The players will get recognized on our website.

Varsity Players Raffle:

The athletes that sell their required tickets by Feb. 15th will get their name in a raffle and one athlete will get a FREE hour at Top Golf.


If you have any questions, please contact


Trina Burris ( [email protected])

(214) 906-4860


Jill Manchester ([email protected])

(972) 890-5192