2016 Hebron Ranger Ticket Order Form (Updated 1/20/2016)

We are kicking off the 2014-2015 Ranger Ticket Fundraiser for the Hebron High School Baseball teams. The Varsity team will be playing at The Ballpark in Arlington this year on February 22nd against Mesquite. We are required to sell 1000 tickets in order for the team to play. Each player is asked to sell at least 25 tickets. Please note that any shortage in the 1000 tickets must be purchased by the booster club which reduces the amount that the club is able to spend on equipment, uniforms, maintenance, etc. for the teams.

We know that this is not the easiest fundraiser since it takes more time to coordinate with potential buyers, but it is very doable. Last year was the first year we actually had to purchase tickets to meet the required goal. This fundraiser is very important to Coach Stone and the team. We want to ensure every player, whether it is this year or in future years, have the opportunity to play on the field at The Ballpark in Arlington. If you do not wish to participate in selling to help the team reach our 1000 ticket requirement, or if you are unable to reach the 25 ticket per player goal, a buyout is available. The buyout is $16 per ticket. Checks for the buyout should be made out to HHSBBC. Credit cards cannot be accepted for the buyout.

The order form is above via the link

Important points to remember regarding our fundraiser:

·       ALL checks for ticket orders need to be made out to Texas Rangers Baseball.

·       All major credit cards** are accepted for ticket orders.

·       Tickets will be mailed directly to the names and addresses listed on your order form(s).

Although the order forms state to mail them to the Rangers, we ask that you turn in the forms to Coach Stone in order for us to maintain our ticket count. Please make sure the order forms and corresponding payments are in a sealed envelope marked with Ranger Tickets – “Your Players Name” on the front. The final turn in date will be Friday, February 26th.

We will be submitting ticket orders as we receive them. The sooner you get your orders in the quicker you get your tickets. Also, please note that there will always be certain games that the Texas Rangers process orders two weeks prior to the actual game. The Texas Rangers guarantee you will receive your tickets in time for all games. They will contact you directly if there are any problems in fulfilling any of your orders.

Good luck selling and feel free to contact us with any questions.


Christine Huff

Cell (214) 912-3140

Rebecca Hoffman

Cell (214) 417-3833

Ranger Ticket Coordinators

**If you have anyone that would like to pay with a credit card but is uncomfortable listing their number on the form, please have them call Christine Huff or Rebecca Hoffman to give the number over the phone.