Hebron Hawk Baseball: Texas Rangers Ticket Fundraiser

Updated 1/20/2020 

Hebron Hawks – Get Your Texas Rangers Tickets Today!

Our Hebron Baseball Varsity team has the chance to play at the Globe Life Park in Arlington this Spring if the Baseball Club sells a total of 1000 tickets – and what kid doesn’t want to play on that field, right!?  While only Varsity will be able to play there, this fundraiser also supports the Hebron Baseball Booster which benefits every player!

Each athlete is expected to sell 25 tickets (30 per family if you have more than one athlete)

The process is fairly simple:

  1. Ask your neighbors, coworkers, family and friends.
  2. Complete the form and collect the money. They can pay cash, credit or check (made payable to Texas Rangers Baseball).
  3. Turn in the completed form, checks and/or cash to Coach Stone by February 14, 2020.


Post Fundraiser – Another Opportunity to Support the Booster

Anyone you know that decides to purchase Rangers tickets after this fundraiser is over, please have them call Jamie Roberts at the Rangers 817-436-57979 and buy them in Hebron Baseball’s honor as it will benefit our booster at no additional cost to them.


Below is an example of email or text you can send to neighbors, coworkers, family and friends.  Please feel free to copy and paste if it is helpful:

{Player Name}, will be playing Hebron baseball again this year.As most of you know there is always a fundraiser…. they must sell 25 Texas Rangers tickets.  This fundraiser allows the team to play at the Globe Life Park in Arlington.  Isn’t that cool!!   It also benefits the Hebron Baseball Booster. If you are interested, let me know and I will send you the dates, seating and prices.  FYI-the prices are as low as $15 Upper Reserved and includes some food and soft drinks.  Please reply ASAP, I have to turn in the form by mid-Feb.


IF….for some reason you decide to purchase a ticket at another time through the Ranger Box Office, please consider calling Jamie Roberts at the Rangers 817-436-57979 and tell him you are buying them in honor of Hebron High School Baseball as our booster will benefit from that sale.  


Contact:   Jill Nicaud   [email protected]   214-226-8899