Position Descriptions


  • Preside at all meetings of members of the Booster Club
  • Compose the agenda for all monthly meetings
  • Issue reminder for monthly meetings (via Email, Secretary, text, etc..)
  • See that elections are held in accordance with the By-Laws
  • Oversee maintenance and compliance of bylaws
  • Shall appoint any temporary committees as he/she deems necessary to carry out the objectives of the Club
  • Liaison with school officials, Athletic Director and Coaches

Vice President (Varsity,JV Black and JV Blue)

  • Preside at all meetings of members of the Booster Club in the absence of the President
  • Responsible for communication to the parents for their respective divisions
  • Act as the 1st contact point that parents go to voice concerns before approaching coaches
  • Varsity VP responsible for organizing Varsity Dinners and Parent Accommodations for out of town tournaments.
  • Assist President/Secretary/Treasurer with any other duties as needed


  • Record the minutes of all meetings and distribute minutes via email to members shortly after the meeting
  • Conduct all correspondence for the Booster Club under the direction of the President
  • Keep attendance at all meetings
  • Keep a log of approved decisions with the agenda attached
  • Notify all members of meetings
  • Oversee maintenance and compliance of bylaws
  • Assist President/Vice President/Treasurer with any other duties as needed


  • Maintain the booster club checking account
  • Balance bank statements monthly
  • Process account payable payments as received
  • Send billing invoices as needed
  • Deposit all income generated from various activities
  • Count all proceeds and make deposits in a timely fashion
  • Report monthly all income/expense activities to board members
  • Work with Head Coach to track individual "wish list/uniform/equipment" requests
  • Process calendar year reports for tax preparer.  If necessary, make sure papers are filed with the IRS.
  • Assist President/Vice President/Secretary with other duties as needed


  • Responsible for maintaining HebronHawksBaseball.com
  • Keep schedules and rosters updated for the website
  • Focus on any publicity or social media (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook,etc) for the team
  • Create and maintain any SignupGenius lists for Concession or Tournament volunteers

Fundraiser Coordinator

  • Responsible for selling and maintaining the Outfield and 3rd Base Signs at the ballfield
  • Collect past due fees from sponsors
  • Execute fund raising events and prioritize fundraising strategies

Public Relations Committee

  • Responsible for organizing and hosting Theme Nights for all Home Varsity games
  • Organize any special event that is needed on behalf of the Booster Club
  • Organize Teacher Appreciation breakfast or lunch
  • Help Membership Coordinator with activities during "Meet The Team"

Membership Coordinator

  • Responsible for organizing and hosting "Meet The Team"
  • Coordinates membership drive, membership details and maintains membership list

Spirit Wear Coordinator

  • Responsible for organizing and ordering specific products that will be sold during the school year
  • Responsible for coordinating sells at Football Games for Stadium Chairs and Baseball Hats
  • Coordinate team sales of any team wear for Parents, Fans and players

Concessions Coordinator

  • Responsible for procuring and stocking the concession stand
  • Coordinate with Softball any price changes on products
  • Maintain the player account notebook and inform players/committee/parents when balances have been depleted

Ranger Ticket Sales Coordinator

  • Responsible for organizing, distributing and collecting the Ranger Ticket Sale fundraiser
  • Handle any questions from parents/players regarding ticket orders
  • Coordinate with Treasurer any payments to/from the Texas Ranger Ticket Office

Banquet Committee

  • Responsible for organizing and planning the End of Year Player Banquet.


    • Procuring and reserving the venue
    • Planning the meal
    • Create Banquet Agenda
    • Coaches, Senior and Trainer Gifts

Program Coordinator

  • Responsible for designing and having the Hawks Baseball Program printed
  • Put together the dedication pages, sponsor ads, etc in the program
  • Setup the team/player pictures with current team photographer – KO